SchnitzelSwap? What the Hack!

Why Schnitzel?

The DEX was named after the famous Schnitzel. SchnitzelSwap stands for innovation & reliability with a friendly, social and funny voice.

Eliminating DEX problems

Striving for technological leadership, SchnitzelSwap will solve all pain points of existing DEX solutions. In 2021, the DEX will launch with a first small fee, instant transaction network connected: Binance Smart Chain. This will already eliminate the problem of high (Ethereum) gas fees known from Uniswap, Sushiswap and the likes. Later this year, other networks (Polkadot, Cardano, Ethereum, xDai and others) can be connected. Interoperable Liquidity Pools will be supported.

Unique Features

Here’s a teaser of SchnitzelSwap’s core USPs:

Interested in supporting the project?

There will be plenty of benefits for early supporters! Like and share our content and get your hands on some $STZL as early as possible after launch. It might be worth it ;-)

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