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Interoperable Trade & Yield Farm Protocol. Coming soon for BSC, Polkadot & other networks. 100% cross-chain with tiny fees. Launch Summer ’21. $STZL

SchnitzelSwap is not only aiming to be a fully interoperable liquidity pool DEX (starting with BSC). It also offers users the most attractive ways to earn. That’s pure DeFi.

This post explains how you can earn from using SchnitzelSwap:

1. Referral Codes

SchnitzelSwap has built-in, on-chain referral codes with very attractive referral rewards.

Anybody can create a referral code. …

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) are the future. Look at how Uniswap, Sushiswap, PancakeSwap and others are gaining in popularity.

All of the aforementioned, however, come with drawbacks — mainly high (Ethereum) gas fees and/or single-chain support. That’s what SchnitzelSwap will be solving!

Why Schnitzel?

The DEX was named after the famous Schnitzel. SchnitzelSwap stands for innovation & reliability with a friendly, social and funny voice.

Eliminating DEX problems

Striving for technological leadership, SchnitzelSwap will solve all pain points of existing DEX solutions. In Summer 2021, the DEX will launch with a first small fee, instant transaction network connected: Binance Smart Chain. This will already eliminate the…

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